Jewel Encrusted Butterfly Jewelry Box AM-A0618AM0
$185.56 $119.99
This Victorian inspired Butterfly design is han..
Re-purposed Rustic Wood Makeup Perfume Shelf Organizer (More Colors Available) AM-5A947376
$175.60 $84.94
Re-purposed re-claimed Wood Makeup/Perfume Shel..
Ring dish  engagement gift AM-09A39622
$102.96 $20.61
Looking for an engagement gift? This his and he..
Small Jewelry Box  Exotic woods  Paua Inlay  Walnut and Maple  Scallop Box AM-73069658
$240.58 $110.01
Each piece is painstakingly finished, hand poli..
Jewel Encrusted 4x4 COPPER AM-89667M80
$284.74 $114.84
This Victorian inspired design is hand carved i..
Jewel top ring jewelry box AM-93605752
$160.47 $119.85
This box has a vintage emerald glass jewel set ..
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